Volunteers Cleared Vines from 316 More Trees

November 11-12 was a big weekend for saving trees!

Twenty eight volunteers cleared vines from 261 trees in Quiet Waters Park, while another fifteen volunteers cleared vines from 55 trees at Christ Our Anchor church adjacent to Broadneck Park.

vine on tree
volunteers with tools

Go Team!!

Broadneck High School Students Save Trees!

Broadneck High School students who participate in the Environmental Literacy Program are doing great work! Led by Broadneck High School student Nolan Gille, 20 students saved 167 trees at Twin Oaks Park! Congratulations and thank you to Nolan and your hard working team!! Next stop – Broadneck Park on June 17th 9:45 -12:00.

Check out the latest post to our Removing Ivy page to view the outstanding video by Ella and Kira highlighting the dangers of English ivy. Ella works with SOT Susan Wheatley to learn how to properly remove ivy and to show how easy it is to save a tree! Thanks to both of you for choosing Save Our Trees for your Environmental Literacy PSA project.

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