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trees covered in ivy

Our Trees are Dying!

These trees are slowly dying because the English ivy steals their water and nutrients, rots their bark, can cause them to topple, and can block their sunlight.

Our Mission is to Save the Trees in the City of Annapolis and Anne Arundel County

We remove the English ivy and invasive vines that are destroying our canopy trees and forests.

tree canopy

We did it!

Alongside our amazing volunteers, Save Our Trees surpassed our goal of freeing 5000 trees from English ivy and other invasive vines in our first two years. In our third year, we have set an ambitious goal of an additional 5000 trees!

Once you see the English ivy problem, you can’t unsee it!

We Need Your Help

SOT does not hold ivy-removing events during the summer due to the heat, poison ivy, ticks and mosquitoes. We are starting to post our fall events as we plan our autumn schedule.

Upcoming Events

Find out about other ways that you can get involved.

Support Our Work

Make a donation to support the removal of invasive vines from existing canopy trees across Anne Arundel County.