About Us

Who We Are

We are a group of citizens, neighbors, and friends who have come together to address the significant problem of English ivy and other invasive vines destroying our mature canopy trees.

Our Mission

Our mission is to have immediate and long-term impacts on the removal of ivy and other invasive vines in Annapolis and Anne Arundel county.

What We Do


An ambitious campaign is underway of ivy clearing events where we and our volunteers are working hard to remove ivy from the most imperiled trees.

Our initial goal is to save 500 trees by the end of 2022. As of August 28, 2022,
we have saved +/- 1,700 trees!!


These events spread the word so that more homeowners understand why English ivy poses such a threat and can take action.

Amplifying awareness of the ivy problem and expanding the clean up are crucial. Soliciting and educating Tree Ambassadors—individuals who are willing to oversee ivy removal on a property, a single street, a block or even a neighborhood—is a cornerstone of our efforts.

We would be happy to show up at your group’s event so that we can speak about the problem, advise on how best to tackle ivy, or hold a simple ivy-removal how-to demonstration.

Community input is crucial. We need to know where English ivy poses a particularly severe risk and we will put the compromised tract on a list of areas that require attention. You can use the contact form to let us know.


It’s not enough to clear the ivy. We have to stop it from getting planted to begin with. Advocating for legislative changes to prevent the sale of ivy and other invasives through nurseries is our third area of focus.

We are currently working with key City of Annapolis representatives to help them achieve their stated canopy tree goal of 50% by 2036.

We also coordinate with other environmental and government groups that are trying to manage invasive infestations, so we can all work together to save our trees.

When you see a ribbon tied around a tree, you know it has been saved from climbing English ivy by one of our volunteers !

Let’s Save Our Trees Together

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