Save Our Trees

This is NOT a pretty picture of green ivy on trees

These trees are slowly dying because the ivy steals their water and nutrients, rots their bark, can cause them to topple, and can block their sunlight.
Save Our Trees in Annapolis is determined to stop ivy and invasive vines from destroying our canopy trees and forests.

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Why We Need Our Canopy Trees

Mature trees:

  • Cleanse our air
  • Lower temperatures
  • Slow stormwater erosion
  • Absorb pollutants, improving water quality in our streams and Bay

It is significantly more cost effective to save our living canopy trees than to plant seedlings. It will take decades for the seedlings to fully mature and provide the benefits that these existing trees now provide. We need to do both!

What We Do at Save Our Trees

1. Act

We organize local ivy-clearing events to save the trees on public and private property with the help of volunteers.

2. Educate

We help our neighbors and communities to understand the threat of invasive vines to their trees, teaching them how to remove these destructive vines from their properties.

3. Advocate

We work with our state, county and local government representatives to educate them on the importance of invasive vine removal in the
overall effort to protect our tree canopy.

How We Do It

To better understand the ivy problem and how we address it,
see us in action in the video below as we clear ivy at Truxton Park in Annapolis.

Want To Help?
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Our Volunteers Save Trees!

When a tree is stripped of the ivy from its lower trunk and base, the volunteer adds a ribbon.

Our goal is for people to stop and wonder why these ribbons are appearing on our trees.

Upon closer inspection, they will see the Save Our Trees name and the tree breathing a heavy sigh of relief.

Join Our Efforts. No Experience Necessary!

“If we don’t act now to stop this explosive problem, we will lose our valuable canopy trees, beautiful forests, and precious wildlife.
This isn’t only about the environment. This destruction can bring on economic expense, loss of property, and even loss of life.”

Susan Wheatley, Co-Founder, Save Our Trees


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